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'Battlefield Hardline' E3 interview with Lead Multiplayer Designer

Battlefield Hardline at E3 2014-slide0
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Before having some hands-on time with Battlefield Hardline at E3 2014, we were able to snag the Lead Multiplayer Designer of the game Thaddeus Sasser for some quick questions about the upcoming title. We were able to get a little bit more details about the game, however quite a few people were able to get into beta and get an impression of what the game will bring. The playable version at E3 was the same as the beta on PlayStation 4. Below is what Sasser had to say about the game and make sure to check out the slideshow.

Thaddeus Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

1. Is this going to be cops vs robbers or more of a terrorist related plot?

No, they are more like criminals. We’re not really going for a terrorist angle, they’re more like criminals. Their goal is to get away with the money.

2. What types of game modes should we expect?

At the show is Heist and Blood Money. Heist is that big score fantasy, pulling off the perfect job and all that. Blood Money is more of a symmetric mode with two teams fighting over a huge pile of loot trying to get it back to the base.

3. Will this offer any real world locations?

Obviously, Downtown Los Angeles is available so more will be available.

4. Can we expect 64 players online for consoles?

Yes, we can expect that.

5. What will the focus of the single player campaign be?

I’m the multiplayer guy, but single player is much more story-based. So obviously appropriated narrated.

6. What can we expect with the new modes and would they draw influence from the likes of the Payday series?

I think the game has drawn a lot of comparisons. I think a lot of times if you go and explore a genre you haven’t been in previously, or rather a theme, you’re going to draw comparisons to other games. But I really think Battlefield Hardline will offer a unique experience. It’s not really like Counterstrike or any of these other games. Yeah it’s a first person shooter, but we have vehicles, massive maps, and destruction. It has all the gameplay mechanics and it’s still Battlefield. I think that’s the exciting thing. I think those other comparisons, all shooters are the same in some aspects. I don’t think there is very accurate comparisons out there. I invite all players to come in and try the game.

7. Will vehicles play a key role since hardline deviates from the traditional Battlefield series?

It’s not like you’re going to roll around in M1A1 Abrams, right? You’re going to see a lot of sports cars. You’re going to see vans, motorcycles, helicopters, and jet skis. We have a large range of vehicles, much like Battlefield has been used for. Expect that rock-paper-scissors relationship between the vehicles, so expect a different type of gameplay, but feel familiar.

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