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'Battlefield Hardline' and 'Battlefield 4' similarities addressed by Visceral

'Battlefield Hardline'
'Battlefield Hardline'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

The similarities between the recently-announced "Battlefield Hardline" and last year's title, "Battlefield 4," have been addressed by Thad Sasser. According to a report from Gaming Bolt on June 18, the multiplayer designer stated that the development team is using the same Frostbite 3 engine for the upcoming game. However, some improvements were also added by Visceral Games. For example, the vehicle physics got enhanced due to the emphasis being placed on the new cops versus criminals theme.

Thad Sasser did admit to Playstation Lifestyle that the user interfaces of "Battlefield 4" and "Battlefield Hardline" are very similar as the studio wanted the upcoming title to be somewhat recognizable to fans of the series. However, his company will be listening to fan feedback to identify any changes that could be made prior to the official release. As a result, the two software products may end up looking more different in the end.

"Battlefield Hardline" was formally revealed at E3 2014 after numerous leaks. A multiplayer beta can currently be accessed for PC and PS4 players, giving fans a taste at what to expected from the latest installment from the first-person shooting franchise. They will get to try out two game modes, Heist and Blood Money, on one map from the multiplayer mode. However, a few of the testers found that the new game is too similar to "Battlefield 4," prompting Thad Sasser to issue a response to the criticisms from the community.

Along with the PC and PS4, "Battlefield Hardline" is also coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. In addition to the multiplayer, the software product also comes with a single-player campaign that features a story that somewhat resembles most modern-day crime drama television shows. The new game will be hitting store shelves on Oct. 21. You can find a screen from the "Battlefield" Twitter page with the photo near the top of this article.