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‘Battlefield 5’ multiplayer beta website clarified and debunked

'Battlefield 4' images
'Battlefield 4' images
Electronic Arts

The mysterious “Battlefield 5” multiplayer beta has been clarified. According to a report from Gameranx on March 24, the domain in question was acquired by CSC Corporate Domains, which is a company that was typically used by Electronic Arts in order to claim the name of websites.

Despite appearing to be official, the domain is mostly likely a hoax. A Facebook fan page did not list any copyrights for Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment and the aforementioned Electronic Arts, drawing some red flags. Instead, the copyright notice only mentioned the URL of the website.

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment previously stated that all future projects were put on hold as they try to fix numerous issues associated with the launch of “Battlefield 4.” The first-person shooter, which was released last year for multiple platforms in North America, has been heavily criticized for suffering from an abundance of post-launch problems that still have not yet been completely eradicated. You can find some screens from the fourth numbered installment of the popular series with the media slideshow to the left of the article.

The same studio is also working on DLC packs for “Battlefield 4” along with developing the next games for the “Mirror’s Edge” and “Star Wars Battlefront” franchises. As a result, it appears that “Battlefield 5” won’t be coming out anytime soon.