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‘Battlefield 4’ Xbox One title update, ‘Second Assault’ release date discussed

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4

DICE and EA have announced that a new title update is available for Battlefield 4 on Xbox One that will prepare the game for the release of the Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC pack. According to a report by Teambeyond from Jan. 30, DICE has disclosed that this new Battlefield 4 title update is primarily for the Second Assault DLC, but it does fix numerous DMR and multiplayer issues.

In an official statement, DICE shared that an announcement regarding the release date of Second Assault will come at a later date. It is currently rumored that Battlefield 4: Second Assault will be release during latter half of this month. You can find DICE’s full comment concerning the newly released patch and the release date of Second Assault below:

We’ve started rolling out a new Battlefield 4 game update on Xbox One. You may experience some downtime during this rollout, as we are also updating the game servers. As usual, it will take a few hours before the majority of servers are updated.

This update is mainly designed to prepare the game for the upcoming release of the expansion pack Battlefield 4 Second Assault. We will announce the release date for this expansion pack later.

In addition to providing a new update on the release of Second Assault, DICE also shared the complete patch notes to the newly released Battlefield 4 title update. A number of DMR balance adjustments have been made along with a dozen or so multiplayer fixes. You can find the patch notes in full below:

DMR Balance Tweaks
-Increased the damage of all DMRs across all ranges. Specifically, damage has been increased at long ranges to allow three-hit kills against unarmored opponents. Additionally, reduced the penalty to accuracy for sustained DMR fire, allowing more rapid follow up shots in combat. The amount of the damage increase varies from weapon to weapon, according to its intended range, rate of fire, and damage. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of DMRs in combat, and determine if additional action is needed to make DMRs a viable mid to long range weapon.

Other items
-Significantly reduced the duration of the black screen when spawning in, and fixed the issue with players getting killed before being in-game
-Greatly reduced the risk of crosshairs disappearing, which would also result in hit markers disappearing
-Added a headshot icon on the killcard. This should help identify instances where players are correctly killed by one shot
-Fixed an issue in Squad Deathmatch where the “Win/Lose” text was overlapping
-Fixed an issue with players using an exploit for the SOFLAM
-Fixed an issue with players using an exploit for the MAV
-Fixed the gameplay code to properly track the FOV (Field of View) changes in the options menu
-Fixed an issue where chat would break when entering "false" or "true" in the chat window
-Fixed an out-of-helicopter glitch in Air Superiority where players could spawn on the ground and play as infantry
-Fixed the misaligned crosshairs on the T90 MBT
-Added setting to tweak joystick dead zone
-Various minor crash fixes

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