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Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC coming to PC 'sometime in February'

The "Second Assault" DLC should land sometime in February.
Dice, EA

Battlefield 4 has been quite the polarizing experience for fans since it's release late last year. What promised to be the premier first person shooter of 2013 has been met with nothing but issues across all its respected platforms.

Due to this, EA and Dice were forced to scale back production (or so they say) on upcoming expansion packs for the game in order to focus in on fixing the core version. One of the unfortunate results of this decision effected the release of the "Second Assault" expansion, available to Xbox One early on in the games life, for other respected platforms.

The re-imagined "Levelutionized" maps from 2011's Battlefield 3 are heavily anticipated and thanks to an EA representative, may finally have a release period for PC: February.

Battlefield 4 DLC map pack Second Assault should be coming to PC in February, according to an EA representative. The DLC will launch first for Premium subscribers, then hit general release two weeks later. The pack includes returning Battlefield 3 maps Operation Métro, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, and Gulf of Oman.

Yes, vague is an understatement regarding an exact date, but being vague with their customer base has become normalcy with the Battlefield 4 development team, Dice and EA.

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