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'Battlefield 4' player unlocks Megalodon shark Easter egg on 'Nansha Strike' map

EA/Press'Battlefield 4' player unlocks Megalodon shark Easter egg on 'Nansha Strike' map

Fans of the “Battlefield” game series got a major shocked today when a gamer posted a YouTube video revealing the location of an Easter egg in “Battlefield 4.” On April 4, a YouTube user by the name of Jackfrags uploaded a video showing a massive prehistoric Megalodon shark inside the game.

In the one minute and 17 second video Jackfrags explains that in order to unlock the Megalodon Easter egg you need to get 10 people around a buoy on the new “Nansha Strike” map. The video shows a hovering helicopter dropping off the final members of the 10-man crew, then 17 seconds into the video Megalodon breaks the surface of the water and flies across the screen, before landing on the group waiting by the buoy.

Watch Megalodon in action

The video shows Jackfrags and crew luring Megalodon out in a couple of different angles, and you can even see their priceless (even if a bit explicit) reaction in the chat box in game.

Battlefield 4” is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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