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'Battlefield 4' nearly ready to allow console server rentals

"Battlefield 4" publisher Electronic Arts might soon be bringing the ability to rent servers to console gamers. A company rep confirmed on Sunday that the ability for "Battlefield 4" players using PS4 is coming soon and it seems likely that other "Battlefield" players on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 will be getting the ability to rent servers shortly thereafter.

Battlefield 4 Server Rentals

The representative wasn't able to provide much information beyond the fact that "Battlefield" gamers would be able rent servers "soon" though they did provide a way for people to stay abreast when the ability became available. reports the rep was responding to a question about "Battlefield" server rentals for the Playstation 4 and responded:

"Indeed, it is coming. I'm afraid we don't have any information on this quite yet, but it is coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled on the Control Room and Battlefield blog, as those are most likely where you'll see it announced first."

The news isn't totally unexpected considering that the ability to rent servers was a rather large feature of "Battlefield 3" it should be pointed out the feature came later than launch for the iteration of the series as well.

So why is it so important for "Battlefield" players to have servers they can rent from Electronic Arts? Once a player can rent one of these servers, they have the ability for better customization of maps as well as make it that much easier for gamers to go up against their friends for as long as they like.

Since "Battlefield 4" was launched last fall, gamers have only had the option to play on EA provided servers. That means very little customization and the need to leave a server all together if you don't like the maps you are playing on.

There is an obvious reason why "Battlefield" server rentals have taken a back seat so far when it comes to priorities. All of the programming problems have been well documented and a recent patch meant to address these problems was released over the weekend. The problem is the patch seems to have caused even more problems to pop up.

Despite the numerous problems that have taken precedence over "Battlefield' server rentals, it appears that sooner, rather than later, gamers will be able to get a more private experience when they are shooting, ducking and dodging on their own "Battlefield 4" dedicated servers.

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