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‘Battlefield 4: Naval Strike’ DLC might not see a PC release

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While console players can now enjoy the third add-on for Battlefield 4, PC gamers received troubling news after DICE announced that the new Naval Strike DLC has been indefinitely delayed on PC. The developer confirmed the delay on March 25 after revealing that an issue was discovered within the expansion pack’s coding which must be addressed before it could be able to launch.

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At this time, the possibility exists that the Battlefield 4 DLC might not ever release on PC. DICE commented that they would prefer to only introduce content to the popular first-person shooter meets a certain standard. The developer strives to keep the game a quality experience, even if that means the Naval Strike DLC becomes permanently delayed.

Quality is our number one priority and we will not release Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC until we feel it meets the highest quality level possible.

The Naval Strike DLC adds four new water themed maps to console editions of Battlefield 4. The add-on also introduces new weapons and gadgets which players may use in combat. DICE assures PC players that they plan to keep them informed about the issues causing the delay of the PC version of the expansion pack.

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