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‘Battlefield 4’ and ‘Titanfall’ multiplayer modes compared by Electronic Arts

‘Battlefield 4’ and ‘Titanfall’ multiplayer compared by Electronic Arts
‘Battlefield 4’ and ‘Titanfall’ multiplayer compared by Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts

Blake Jorgensen has made a comparison between the multiplayer modes of “Battlefield 4” and “Titanfall.” According to a report from Game Front on Feb. 11, the chief financial officer of Electronic Arts was asked if the new intellectual property is going to run into the same launch problems from the fourth main “Battlefield” installment.

He replied by saying that the issues occurred in “Battlefield 4” due to the first-person shooter being “extremely complicated” to develop for. The development team at Digital Illusions CE had to build a video game that supports 64 players running at 60 frames per seconds on two new consoles. You can find his comments below:

I think the one thing to remember on Battlefield, Battlefield is an extremely complicated, very big, large, expansive game — 64 players, 60 frames per second, built on a new console that was essentially just coming out. You tend to have very challenging development on games like that, and we’ve been very focused on making sure that any issues that we’ve had have been patched or repaired, or provided updates.

Blake Jorgensen stated that Respawn Entertainment has more development time in “Titanfall,” adding that the team did not worry about a PS4 version. The executive also added that the limited 12 player multiplayer mode should also prevent some of the issues that plagued “Battlefield 4” from happening in the forthcoming title. However, he also warned that the company can’t predict what is going to happen when customers get their hands on the product. You can find some screens of both games in the slideshow to the left of the article and the statement from the executive below:

I’d say Titanfall has had more time on that platform. The team’s very experienced — they’re very experience on building a game and it’s only a single platform game, so it makes it less complicated. Doesn’t have as much multiplayer, it’s 12 multiplayer. It is 60 frames per second, so it is a beautiful game, but I believe that the team has done a great job, and we’re always trying to take lessons learned from previous issues and build them into the new game. You never know exactly what will happen when you start to run through all the gyrations that our consumers always run through, but we’re always there to make sure that it’s getting updated and robust over time and make sure that the consumer experience is fantastic.

Both “Battlefield 4” and “Titanfall” are published by Electronic Arts. The former came out late last year while the latter is due to launch on March 11th of this year.

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