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Battleborn, Gearbox's next hero shooter

Gearbox made its biggest mark in the first-person shooter world with Borderlands and now it hopes to make a greater impact with Battleborn.

An early promo image for Battleborn
Gearbox Software, 2K Games

Battleborn looks to become a strong follow up to the Borderlands franchise. While Gearbox has only revealed a little information about the game so far, the similarities between its future and past creations are encouraging. Like Borderlands, Battleborn features a cast of offbeat characters banding together for a common cause. In Borderlands, the causes are wealth, revenge, and a hint of world saving. Battleborn will focus on more heroics as up to five players set out to take down a villain aiming to destroy all life. Each of the available characters will fulfill a particular role and embody a certain style of gameplay. There are the traditional sniper, heavy, and dual-wielding classes along with a swordsman and an archer. It remains to be seen how each class will play, but the blending of genres represented by the cast of heroes is intriguing. If Battleborn can capture the charm and fun of Borderlands, then Gearbox will have another hero shooter hit.

Battleborn in Gameinformer’s August edition

In the upcoming August issue of GameInformer, players will finally receive a full preview of Battleborn. Who are the genre-bending heroes? Why is Varelsi trying to snuff out the last star of a universe that is already dying? How will the game play? The upcoming issue of GameInformer might not fully satisfy the questions surrounding Battleborn, but it will, hopefully, whet some appetites. GameInformer’s onngoing coverage of Battleborn will be updated at its Battleborn Hub. The first update is scheduled for July 9th and will continue to build leading up to the August issue.

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