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Battle rages for Second Amendment in Alabama

Freedom under fire
Freedom under fire
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We all know that the Second Amendment is an absolute right. It clearly states, secures, and confirms a natural right. It places the right to bear arms in an irrevocable repository. It is a right that comes from God and has been in the cross hairs of tyrants throughout our history.

The Second Amendment acts as a prohibition, restraint, and barricade against the ever constant threat of their abuses and abrogations. No other amendment contains sustaining force. It is therefore a supporting backstop to the other 9 amendments. One cannot divest themselves of this right even if they wanted to. It is the ever present palladium [guardian] of your liberty.

Reaffirmation of the Second Amendment is our duty as Alabamians. We need to be willing to roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches in order to preserve it. It all depends on each and every Alabamian; if future generations are to enjoy their rights. It must be defended against those who would usurp and desecrate it.

Dallas County, Alabama - Dollar General customer Marlo Ellis of Orville was shopping while armed with a concealed carry permit. Kevin McLaughlin entered the store waving a firearm forcing Ellis and an employee to the back of the store. Fearing for his life Ellis deemed it necessary to fire on McLaughlin in defense. McLaughlin was struck in the chest and died as a result of his own actions.

For some inexplicable reason the Dollar General management decided to put up "No Open Carry Allowed" signs. Again the hoplophobic reaction and mentality is to vilify and demonize the law abiding. Sadly criminals could care less about these signs or the misguided people who rely on them for safety. These signs have been popping up all over Alabama. Many have been put up at the urging of anti-Second Amendment sheriffs like Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall.

"No Weapons Beyond This Point" signs have sprung up across Alabama at State operated rest areas. According to Alabama State Law Act 2013-283 rest stops are not prohibited places for gun owners. This was an arbitrary act of discrimination and illegality undertaken by a bureaucrat at the Alabama Department of Transportation. This same illegal action was undertaken in Arizona and was reversed when citizens took a stand and raised their voices.

Senate Bill 354 as introduced by Senator Scott Beason was passed by the Alabama Senate 20-7 on March 16. It would allow the citizens of Alabama to carry a loaded handgun in a vehicle without a concealed weapons permit. One would still be required to conceal a weapon or travel to states where required. by law.

Senator Beason is correct in stating that citizens in Alabama shouldn't have to pay to exercise their rights. Twenty Senators stood with the Constitutions of Alabama and of the United States. Seven voted to perpetuate the restrictions on the exercise of rights in Alabama. Eight chose to pass obviously afraid to anger either side of the debate.

The Alabama Sheriffs Association came out in staunch opposition to S.B.354. They adamantly opposed 2013's much maligned S.B. 286 (current Alabama Law Act 2013-283) until a similar provision was removed. It was dramatic gloom and doom from the majority of Alabama's Sheriffs, who prophesied blood and anarchy in the streets. When their slush fund was preserved they backed down to a degree. Their slush fund meant more to them than their oaths of office or your civil liberties.

It is crucial that every freedom loving Alabamian contact their member of the Alabama House of Representatives and demand they support the House version and send it to the Governor. It is time to reaffirm the Second Amendment in Alabama.

BamaCarry has emerged as a hardcore gun rights organization in Alabama. They are willing to work with other organizations to stand against any and all threats. BamaCarry can be found on Facebook or contacted for membership info. Their membership dues are $20 annually and can mailed to:

BamaCarry P.O. Box 424 Northport, Alabama 35476

BamaCarry is headed by

  1. Eddie Fulmer, President/Director
  2. Al Mickle, VP
  3. Jason Tulley, Director
  4. Billy Denton, Treasurer
  5. Robert Kennedy, Director
  6. Dennis Stacy, Director

Senator Beason stands with BamaCarry in defense of your rights in Alabama.

BamaCarry is supporting Constitutional Sheriff candidates to oppose those who turned their backs on their oaths of office. These include:

The incumbents in these counties have not supported their oaths of office or your rights as Alabamians. Make your voice heard today by standing with them and BamaCarry in defense of your right to bear arms.

There is plenty you can do to make a difference:

  1. Elect pro-Second Amendment candidates.
  2. Fight for pro-Second Amendment legislation.
  3. Join with groups like BamaCarry because there is strength in numbers.
  4. Educate business owners and your fellow citizens about the lunacy behind No Guns Allowed signs.
  5. Educate others about the reality behind the Second Amendment and shooting. Take them out to shoot.

Silence is consent so stand up and speak out. Will you dare defend your rights Alabama? We cannot allow misguided politicians to make Alabama go the way of Connecticut. We must live our state motto in our daily lives. Dare to speak out against those who would abrogate your rights.

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