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Battle of the VH1 vixens: Sundy Carter fires back at Erica Mena

Sundy Carter fires back at VH1 star Erica Mena.
Sundy Carter/Twitter

Erica Mena blasted Sundy Carter to the moon and back while watching the "Basketball Wives LA" reunion last week. Now Sundy is speaking up and she has some not so nice things to say to Erica too. On May 4, Fashion & Style dishes the dirt on the feud erupting between the two VH1 reality TV stars.

It all started when Erica sat down to watch the "Basketball Wives LA" reunion show. It was pretty obvious when Mena watched it because she immediately took to Twitter and voiced her disgust over the things that Sundy Carter did and said during the season. Most upsetting to Mena was obviously the way Sundy talked about Draya's son and when she went way below the belt and attacked Brandi Maxiell's cancer battle.

Well that didn't sit well with Sundy Carter and she blasted back. Not known for playing nice (and apparently not learning anything during probably her only season on the show) Sundy took it to a whole new level with insults again. She referred to "Love & Hip Hop: New York" as a scripted show and made claims that Erica was sleeping with Draya.

Here are the edited for public versions of Sundy's tweets to Erica:

@iamErica_Mena u wanna be relevant b****? F*** outta here didn't u call the cops after ya fight get who the f*** u want! TRASH P****!

@iamErica_Mena obsessed fan stop trying 2 ride n on my coat tail! Again save the talk we will see each other go kiss a b*****

Apparently Sundy hasn't become any classier since her season on VH1's "Basketball Wives LA." Considering how offended she made everyone who watched the show, one might think she'd apologize and mean it. Not Sundy, she continues to fight anyone and everyone who might say a word about how revolting her actions were.

The true comedy in the Erica Mena/Sundy Carter Twitter war is that Sundy called Mena an "obsessed fan" and accused her of trying to stay relevant. Erica Mena is the one with an actual verified Twitter account and 269,000 followers. Carter comes in with a measly 36,500 followers. So who is relevant?

As usual, Sundy Carter shows her true colors when she tries to hit below the belt again. She makes mention of Erica's same-sex relationship with Cyn Santana like it's an insult and also accuses Erica of being with Draya. She has some nerve though after revealing during the show that she likes to watch her man with another woman. Maybe it's time to stop throwing stones. Do you think Sundy Carter deserves to come back to "Basketball Wives LA" or should her first season be her last as well? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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