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Battle of the Bandwagons: Ungaro S/S 2010


Lohan and Archs // Photo:

There are bandwagons, and then there's the truth; the Emanuel Ungaro S/S 2010 collection encouraged both.

From the initial announcement that told us designer Esteban Cortezar was on his way out of the French fashion house, only to be replaced by one Lindsay Lohan, the media was salivating. I'm no exception - I even wrote about it, claiming that Ungaro "mis-stepped" by appointing Lohan as "artistic adviser" before the collection even debuted.

I waited for Fashion Week to commence, just so I could see her fail, as the media has instructed me to. I waited for hideous concoctions made from horrid polyester, and misshapen leggings to trot down that runway, greeted with skepticism and critics.

I wanted to feel vindicated in my jealousy of her long, gorgeous hair; her oodles of money; her list of gorgeous ex-boyfriends... But alas, I cannot.


I received only a portion of my wishes, post-runway. My inbox filled with stories of Lohan's failure, attached to the awkward position of designer Estrella Archs. "Tasteless", "nail in Ungaro's coffin", and "a bad joke of a fashion show" were all filling me with poisonous joy. From the sound of things (pasties, 1987, and sequins), I knew I couldn't wait to see the collection for myself, so I could run out and hop on the train of pretentious disappointment.

Then I looked.

Sure, the dresses are short, and the breasts are abound, but I was most astonished to see.... clothing I liked. Things I would wear, and pieces I'd buy. I couldn't hop on that bandwagon I so enjoyed - I liked some of it.


Mind you, the sequin pasties, drop-crotch harem pants and boxy blazers - I could do without. But, as a journalist, I am obliged towards the truth - and I have to give credit where credit is due: Lohan and Archs put out a decent collection.

Body-concious dresses with interesting necklines paired with delicately strappy heels for a simple look that was still strong enough to pass. A beautiful, brushstroke-esque fabric was used to create one-shoulder, contoured dresses that half of the editors who poo-poo'd the collection will likely wear in a handful of months. My favorite pieces of the collection were admittedly the most un-Lohan-looking ones - the haphazardly draped, sheer dresses with deep, gentle color schemes were easy and beautiful.

Much like another celebutante-cum-designer, Lauren Conrad, Ungaro's collection wasn't entirely complex. It was basic in a new way. Many solid colors in simple forms were used, often to highlight another piece of the look, or just the body itself. To criticize this in full would be to ignore the transition taking place in the fashion world at this time, and I can't do it in good conscience. I leave that for the true Mean Girls.