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Battle Lines Drawn In Florida Medical Marijuana Debate

Battle Lines Drawn In Florida Medical Marijuana Debate
Battle Lines Drawn In Florida Medical Marijuana Debate
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The Legislature of the State of Florida voted overwhelmingly to legalize a form of medical marijuana called Charlotte's Web. This form of marijuana has a low THC content but is grown for its CDB content. This form can be used as an oil and helps children who suffer from epileptic fits. It doesn't cure but it does allow the children to live a better quality of life as it controls the number if seizures

Now attorney John Morgan has bank rolled an initiative that was put on the ballot and if voted for will allow a higher content of THC to be used in medical marijuana This it seems is not being looked favorably upon by the local Sheriffs, a casino owner, and a noted Physician.

Now it seems recently these three have decided to join ranks against the spread of the evil weed. Okay, now lets attack their reasons for their anti-pot views. If you listen to Nora Volkow the weed can change your brain and you will lose some IQ points. Well, as people get older they lose IQ points and also lets look at the idea of way the brain changes. It has been found that the pills that these children have been taking for their seizures causes side effects and it has also been known for awhile that they don't work all the time. Sadly though the government and the pharmaceutical companies still stand by them.

Let's look at the authorities who are lining up behind Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. They are afraid that if allowed Amendment 2 that the state will vote for in November will eventually lead to complete legalization of marijuana and that is something they can't tolerate.Then we have this Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson pumping some 2.5 million to fight against legalizing medical marijuana in Florida. The only reason this guy is involved is because he wants to open the state of Florida up to more casinos.

The United States has for the last 30 plus years had a patent for medical marijuana but has done nothing because of agencies like the DEA who would probably be out of a job if the public knew the truth. Medical Marijuana helps those with seizures, cancer and other diseases. It is not the evil weed as portrayed in movies like 'Reefer Madness'. It is time for all the hypocrisy to finally come out and it is time for the American public to stand up and say enough is enough. Latest polls show some 88% of Floridians will vote yes on Amendment 2 this fall. Governor Rick Scott has already said he will sign into law the form Charlottes Web into law by June 20. The lines are drawn and the fight is on for the vote in November and a yes for Amendment 2 will bring us one step to complete legalization of medical marijuana. This is a good thing we are doing. Never forget it Florida. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to