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Battle heats up between left and right - State of the Union

Two parties not talking
Two parties not talking

Kentucky and Indiana are usually conservative in their political views, but a strong minority goes the other way. Last night's State of the Union Address is sure to have both sides ready to stand up to defend their points of view.

The Democrat majority in Congress spent a lot of time on their feet cheering the President while the conservative Republicans who joined in the applause obviously didn't go with the flow. Kentucky's Democrats side with party lines and the president while talking about working together. Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, and other Indiana and Kentucky Republicans take a different view. Link into the party of your choice here:

If 30 minutes of clapping and 70 minutes of speaking was too much for you, here are highlights:

  • Just as we were tested in WWII and other times, we are being tested now
  • (I) inherited war, depression, devastation, and deficits from last administration (brought up 3 times)
  • "the people need a government that matches their decency"
  • The bank bailout was as popular as a root canal. Now plans to tax those banks
  • "passed 25 tax cuts" and "millions of Americans had more to spend" [Did you?]
  • All of Congress was silent when he claimed 3 million jobs saved with another 1 1/2 million more by the end of the year
  • Create more jobs by building infrastructure (roads, etc) [Not bad if you're in construction, but doesn't help a lot of others]
  • Build nuclear plants [who will?]
  • Pass Energy & Climate Bill [called Cap & Trade and hotly contested]
  • This one got a big laugh from Congress: "The overwhelming scientific evidence on global warming"
  • Double exports in 2 years [major change in policy and no plans in the works]
  • Forgive student loans if you work for the government [bound to be unpopular except among PoliSci majors]
  • Pass "our health plan" to "protect all America from the worst practices of the insurance companies"
  • 3-year freeze on "government spending" [but only includes a few small categories]
  • "Restore Pay as you Go" recalling the "surpluses in 1990's"  [from the Reagan years]
  • "Deficit of Trust" [really?]
  • Claimed Supreme Court made a mistake on recent Free Speech decision [allowed corporations as well as unions to donate for political causes]
  • Listed several Republican Party views and claimed they "caused all our problems"
  • Goals for troop return: Afghanistan - July 2001; Iraq - August 2010
  • Iran "will face consequences"
  • Repeal current laws allowing homosexuals protection in the military
  • Big climax: "We don't quit; I don't quit; let's seize this moment"

Followup: David Axelrod, chief adviser to the president: "We could have more success if the Republicans would just cross the aisle." [Can't it go the other way too?]

And it took 70 minutes to say that?

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