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Batter up! Giants seek to shape new neighborhood by AT&T Park

The Giants envision a whole new 'hood.
The Giants envision a whole new 'hood.
Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons user randychiu

The San Francisco Giants are seeking to construct a whole new neighborhood on a parking lot across from their ballpark, AT&T Park. That’s according to the San Francisco Business Times, which reports that the team is putting the finishing touches for a mini pop-up village of sorts. Included in this village is a shopping area, open space, coffee and street food patio, a beer garden and a deck slated for an area near Terry A. Francois Boulevard and Third Street.

Working with trade group SFMade, which promotes city-based manufacturing firms, as well as La Cocina, an organization that backs emerging chefs, the Giants are trying to fill the village with companies and food choices. The project, which as of yet does not have a name, will only take up about 70 parking spots from the lot leased by the Giants from the Port of San Francisco for ballgame times.

San Francisco Port project manager Phil Williamson told the Business Times that while the retail and food places are temporary, they may well “inform the longer term project” that the Giants are considering for the parking lot. There is past precedent for success along these lines – in Hayes Valley a few years ago, a similar pop-up called Proxy found success. The developer Forest City has also experimented with such pop-ups near the Giants’ site.

The team is looking at a much bigger parking-lot development in the years to come. It envisions a 3.6 million square-foot neighborhood known as Mission Rock. This would contain more than eight acres of open space, office space, housing and shopping, and would incorporate the 200,000-square-foot Pier 48 warehouse space that extends from the parking lot. The project is slated to begin in 2015 at earliest and end in 2021.

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