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Bats in the belfry? A little bit squirrely? Critters crawling?

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Often in this column a shout-out is given to a local business that is serving the community with professionalism and integrity.

"Georgia gray squirrel - notorious for nesting in attics."
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Most all of us (at one time or another) have had uninvited guests to arrive to our homes with no intentions of leaving our warm hospitality.

We often call people who get in our way (or on our nerves), pests! And that is because we know just what a pest really is. We are usually referring to them as a nuisance, annoyance, or a bother. But there is another kind of pest that is usually much easier to get rid of – wildlife.

Living in a rural area is a blessing for many reasons – looking out your window and seeing a family of deer slowly crossing your yard, a red fox running across the road, bunny rabbits hopping across your yard and just enjoying all of nature as God created it. However, it has it draw backs as well.

Sitting at my computer this past fall and looking out my window, (as I do almost daily), I kept seeing this big bushy tailed squirrel sashaying up my drain pipe. I remember thinking how large it was and what a bushy tail it had. Old southern folk lore says when squirrels put on extra weight and sport a thick bushy tail; it means that a hard cold winter is coming.

Well, maybe they are right. Here in the Atlanta area, we are experiencing the coldest weather in decades. It was a balmy 12 degrees here this morning.

Then recently, standing and looking out my kitchen window, I remembered the forecast and felt concerned for that family of deer. We watched them have their babies. And, later, we would see them parade across the yard with their little skinny legs and big white spots. And we watched them grow to adulthood as well.

They have become somewhat like pets – but from a distance. I felt concern for all the little critters that were used to living in the warm south and how this incoming freezing forecast would affect them.

Knowing that God made provisions for all creatures (great and small), I said a little prayer that they would find a nice warm place to hunker down until this unusually cold weather rolled on by.

Then a few nights later, it sounded like someone was walking around in my attic. One night, I remember wondering if I had left a window open upstairs and maybe there was an intruder.

There was – he did not need an open window. He had entered my attic courtesy of my drain pipe. However, the he was a she and she was fat for a reason. She had delivered her babies all nice and snug and warm in my attic by entering an opening near the roof; apparently left by the original construction crew who built the house.

I told a friend of mine that I thought there might be squirrels in my attic and she cautioned me about such a danger. She said they would chew up my electrical wires and that could be dangerous and cause a house fire.

That sent my memory into motion when last year a family nearby got a new puppy. He chewed the electric wires behind their sofa which caused a fire that destroyed their house.

No longer did I think of those cute little critters as fun to watch; but home invaders that needed to be evacuated. They had to be served with an eviction notice.

I called the county – it wasn’t their job. I called the Humane Society and it wasn’t their job. I called a couple of pest control companies and it wasn’t their job. What to do? Pray!

Worrying about my electrical wires, I got enough fear stored up inside of me to call the local fire department to see if this was a real concern. Not only did they verify it could happen, but gave me the name of a company they felt could help me.

I immediately phoned that number and almost instantly heard back from David Webb, owner of WEBBCON Wildlife Removal and Exclusion at 770-560-4679.

They were right out here and discovered that I had a family of squirrels living above my head; and they had been sharpening their teeth on my electric cables. I immediately felt at ease with Mr. Webb.

He used his cell phone camera and made photos for me to see. He took the time to explain to me the hazards and what needed to be done and how he would do it.

He was reasonable (price wise); but very friendly and courteous otherwise. At no time did I feel uncomfortable about him coming in and out of my house.

He set the traps and caught all four of them humanely and took them to a large wooded area away from my home to set them free. That impressed me. His intention is to always (when possible) catch intruding varmints and set them back out into the wild.

This process took a lot of work on his part and he was always on time, courteous, and informative. I knew God had brought me the right person. As he captured the little boogers, he let me see them in their cages – there was never any doubt that they were there; but he still showed them to me.

Then I had to find an electrician – one of the photos David Webb had made showed a chewed wire lying across a wooden board. I contacted my friend at church and she gave me the name of an electrician who was also out here quickly – fixed the wires and was more than reasonable – also very friendly and courteous.

The attached slide show will give you a glimpse of my uninvited guests. I teased David about posting a “No Vacancy” sign in my front yard- informing all other creatures that they would not be welcome in my attic. It was closed for the season - shut down (nailed down) – no visitors allowed.

When David was assured that they were all gone, he then repaired and closed up their entrance way. Hopefully that will be the end of my creature hospitality.

Often we find ourselves in need of the services of others – for things that we cannot do for ourselves. And sometimes we are a little bit leery about letting strangers into our homes.

You need not worry about WEBBCON Wildlife Removal and Exclusion at 770-560-4679. You may also enjoy looking at his Facebook page where he has posted interesting photos of the various critters he has evicted.

You will know you are in the right place by the cute little critter with the pink nose looking right at you. As you scroll through his page you will see all sorts of animals he has safely removed. He is licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and his.

This is a company with integrity and follow-through and reasonably priced - all at the same time.

It was a pleasure to do business with such a company. It will be for you as well.

Got bees? Got Raccoons? Got Bats? Got Snakes? Got Armadillos? Got Rats? WEBBCON Wildlife Removal and Exclusion has got solutions.

If you are a critter and nature lover, you might enjoy learning more about these little squirrels that we share the earth with by checking out Georgia Wildlife here.

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