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'Batman vs.Superman's' Ben Affleck booted for counting cards at Hard Rock Casino

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According to TMZ on Friday, "Batman vs. Superman" and "Daredevil's" Ben Affleck was booted from the Hard Rock Casino for counting cards. He was playing Blackjack and was caught by security in Las Vegas. That being said, the actor himself may not portray the ethics of the fictional character Bruce Wayne who tends to follow ethics more closely.

All this occurred prior to him leaving Las Vegas to shoot the Zack Snyder film in Detroit. He had made getaway plans with his wife Jennifer Garner, who portrayed Elektra in the "Daredevil" spin-off. Affleck was at the high rollers table and was labeled an "advantaged player". Although there is nothing illegal about the act, such an display is against the rules of the casino. Security quickly arranged a limo to come pick him up and take him back to his hotel.

Affleck has had a history of card playing success, in fact he's more of a card shark who had accumulated $800,000 in Blackjack winnings in 2001 and had done so by playing three $20,000 hands at once. Bruce Wayne has been known to partake in cards as well, but he's usually busy fighting crime to really build u any kind of strategy and earns his money by different means other than acting talent.

For those unaware that Ben Affleck will be making his appearance as the Dark Knight in the Snyder sequel, it was announced he was the successor to Christian Bale's role. A lot of comic book purists were in opposition considering his lackluster role in "Daredevil" where he starred alongside Jennifer Garner. Michael Clark Duncan played the infamous Kingpin in the film. The villian also appeared the "Spider-Man" comics as well. Duncan later died in 2012.

"Batman vs. Superman" is scheduled to be released in theaters come May 6, 2016 at the same time as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".