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Batman vs Superman receives a new title!

The 2016 film finally gets a official title
The 2016 film finally gets a official title
Warner Bros. Pictures

For almost a year now, moviegoers have known that the next film from Warner Bros and DC would not just feature Superman, but Batman as well. For the longest time, many have referred to the movie as Batman vs Superman; but it was suggested by many reports that the movie would feature a different name. However, any speculation on the film's name can f be put to rest as Warner Bros. Studio have finally given this movie a title. According to reports, the title for Batman vs Superman is...Batman v.Superman.

Well actually there is more to the title then just that. The film's proper name is Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. By looking at this title, fans will be able to determine two things. The first being that the filmmakers are keeping the BVS moniker; which implies that the two superheroes will go face to face in the film. The other factor is the title "Dawn of Justice". As many already know, a Justice League movie is on the way. With the reports that Zach Snyder directing Justice League, and the fact they will be filming the upcoming film along with BVS, it should come to no shock that the studios that be what to advertise their impending blockbuster.

Along with this announcement is a new logo to go with the movie; which indicates that the title is accurate. The logo not only features the film's name, but a new logo for the upcoming superhero flick. Much like what was teased at last year's Comic-Con, the logo is both the Superman signal and the Batman signal together. The different being that the symbols are clearly embedded together; making for a better cinematic logo.

Dawn of Justice features an assortment of stars; with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck in the title roles. Along with these two heroes, Gal Gadot stars Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Jesse Eisenberg takes the role of Lex Luthor; while returning from Man of Steel is Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. Also in the film is Jeremy Irons as Alfred; and Holly Hunter in a new role made for the film.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on May 6, 2016.