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'Batman vs. Superman' movie provides thousands of job opportunities in Detroit

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According to MLive on Tuesday, with the recent production having started on Zack Snyder's "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie, Metro Detroit will be a host to many employment opportunities when it comes to jobs in Michigan. Areas spanning a 30-mile radius from Pontiac, Mich., home to the Michigan Motion Picture Studios, will be the actual geographic filming region to the "Man of Steel" sequel.

Susan Dorris, the Oakland County Film Commissioner, is more than happy to name any city Gotham or Metropolis and the "Batman vs. Superman" budget is $131 million. The Michigan Film Office gave an allowance of $35 million to film makers last year should they ever decide to participate in film projects in Michigan. Also, Dorris is already noticing an increased demand for carpenters, stage crafters, and a "cast of thousands" in order for this film to be a success.

Dorris likened this particular location to that of a large scale summer camp. For one, she thinks this location is a far cry different from the likes of Los Angeles and even cites how paparazzi will likely be minimal as compared to other "metropolises." Cast and crew are scattered about the county and their privacy is being well respected. There will also likely be a sense of comfort to those working on the production. Henry Cavill was even seen enjoying himself on his downtime.

Those working on the film will be rather busy, but if they do get some spare time, they will get an opportunity to see the cultural and historical locales of the area as well as other tourist spots of the county that suburban Michigan has to offer. Dorris isn't privy to what cities will be deemed the "Gotham" or "Metropolis" name, but she does admit that Detroit does have "the look and has the history", but isn't sure what may be equivalent to Snyder's vision of what he's looking for in a venue.

"I don’t know. I know they plan on doing some shooting throughout that location, but I do expect Detroit to be part of the mix, too. Detroit has got the look and it has the history. I’m not really sure what they are looking for in a way of a look so I can’t really say whether Birmingham fits it."

Also, film extras will be plenty for the purpose of crowd scenes and as far as craftsmen and women, there also seems to be gainful employment for them as well. It seems that they are attempting to employ "anyone they can get their hands on." Also, should the Michigan county be subject a sequel, they'll be more than happy to provide plenty required for the film next time. At least that's the motivation.

When asked about what would be prominent spots to bump into the cast and crew, Dorris' guess was as good as anyone's. In fact, she said if someone would know before her, she'd like to be notified. Though she would have missed out, it would be a nice thought to ponder, "Oh, that would have been nice to know!", but she claims to not be on the front lines of knowing the latest and greatest.

"Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" is scheduled to be released May 6, 2016.