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'Batman vs. Superman': Boom goes director Zack Snyder's Batman revelations

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One. Two.

Back-to-back weekdays Zach Snyder Tweeted unravelments on Batman's outlook for circa 2018's theatrical release. Heavy-hitter images posted by Snyder has stopping power.

One: Batmobile revealed. Two: Ben Affleck donning the film's Bat-suit.

On Monday a pause for all the web-swinging, Helicarrier soaring, time-traveling and a soon-enough up-in-the-sky skyrocketing. Gotham City is known subsist one particular motorific roar that gives Formula 1 a heart-skip and puts cutting-edge into an old garage. Dark Knight fans call it the Batmobile.

While movie-goers enthusiastic for a Wonder Woman costuming attiring Gal Gadot and a Batman suit outfitting Ben Affleck, the "Man of Steel" director was able to catalyze a swerving look about comic book films with a Tweet bearing photo of a tarp over the greater part of a newly designed Batmobile.

And like an engine powered by fans, pundits and bloggers a greater roar accelerated more Caped Crusader outlook than Kryptonian for the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" developing production.

When Christopher Nolan directed his Dark Knight trilogy the Batmobile was a heavy turbo-burner derivative of a R&D protoype for a military vehicle shelved by the titular Wayne-owned corporation.

Snyder's pic via Tweet conveys a Batmobile of the same weightiness. The rear look shows a very different design, but the shrouding tarp hints at a longer car frame as well as a sleeker aerodynamic look.

Tuesday may have confirmed that vehicular assessment, plus more.

Snyder let the tarp fly and Tweeted the world take a gander at Affleck all Batman industrial-strength level next to the all-new Batmobile. The Batsuit has a throwback style than has been seen in franchises made post-Tim Burton. Simplistic, Affleck's costume departs from the Dark Knight trilogy in textures of sectional armor-pieces. More to the point, it advances the style of Batsuit the New DC 52 has adopted.

New Batmobile, new Bat-suit - what are people's take on it all?


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