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'Batman v. Superman' may film in Morocco and Zack Snyder's Ice Bucket Challenge

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According to Cinema Blend on Wednesday, with the recent onslaught of YouTube videos from the set of Zack Snyder's "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie, there comes even more rumors and speculations of future location shots of the comic book movie. A local news journalist tweeted something to the affect that the film starts shooting in Morocco come September.

If this is the case, there could be reasons why such a location was chosen as the climate could be one of the significant reasons. Also, a sizable area of desert could also be necessary for the scenery. In addition to that, one could theorize that it'd be a great location to film a secret Lexcorp corporation undergoing research on Kryptonian technology. Lately, Snyder has been filming in Detroit and surrounding areas where Ben Affleck, who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman, is seen running around. He's even spotted doing a scene with saving a little girl from a falling structure.

"Yes!!! @ZackSnyder "Batman v Superman" film starts shooting in Morocco from September 1st until December 13! #BatmanvSuperman."

Another notable situation is that Snyder could be filming scenes entailing Aquaman, rumored to be played by "Game of Thrones'" Jason Mamoa. Apparently, the director took his influences to the film from the New 52 series of DC Comics. That being said, there's a story line where Aquaman has found himself in the desert and is unsure how he wound up there. With the World Engine situation having been enacted by General Zod and its influence on the environment, it would seem to mesh well with Snyder's vision.

To top it off, and to keep cool thoughts in such an arid landscape, Snyder decided to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Apparently, he was challenged by Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot and his reaction was pretty much like anyone elses when getting wet with a bucket of cold ice water. It was quite shocking

"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens in theaters come March 25, 2016.


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