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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first footage revealed at Comic-Con 2014.

At last year’s Comic-Con director Zack Snyder surprised Comic-Con attendees by announcing Batman and Superman would battle it out in what is now called Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice a follow-up to last summer’s Man of Steel film. Looking back the Batman insignia appearing behind Superman’s S-Shield was the biggest highlight of Comic-Con 2013. So naturally, fans would expect Warner Bros. to surpass last year’s big announcement.

Close-up on Ben Affleck as Batman. First revealed on Friday 7/25 during Comic-Con.
Close-up on Ben Affleck as Batman. First revealed on Friday 7/25 during Comic-Con.
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Originally, there was no official word that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice would appear during the Warner Bros. panel on Saturday. However, since this is Batman’s 75th anniversary and enough footage of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has been filmed to present something at Comic-Con. No one knew what to expect. Fortunately, DC Comics and Warner Bros. did throw out some hints that Comic-Con attendees could expect something at this year’s convention. The DC Comics booth had the cape and cowl on display, and last Friday, July 25th, Warner Bros. unveiled a close-up of Ben Affleck wearing the Bat-suit.

Naturally, this buzz enticed Comic-Con attendees to camp out overnight between Friday and Saturday to guarantee access into Hall H with hopes of seeing something Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice related whether it’d be cast, announcements, footage, and/or updates on the upcoming Justice League movie. Well, fans were not disappointed. Unlike last year’s big surprise Warner Bros. wasted no time in jumping straight into Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as the Hall H curtains pulled back revealing large projector screens, forming a wide a panoramic video screen.

The Panel started with panel moderator, Chris Hardwick welcoming director Zack Snyder onto the stage. Snyder spoke to fans stating the film is still in production, but he brought something special to Comic-Con.

Behold the first footage of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice exclusively debuting at Comic-Con. By now most people may have caught the leaked footage online. However, witnessing the footage in high quality and being surrounded by screaming fans, you have to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. To summarize what was shown here is a rundown of the special footage shown in Hall H:

Concept art of the Batcave, Batmobile, Gotham City, which transitions to a live-action sequence of Batman, wearing a battle suit resembling the battle armor worn in The Dark Knight Returns, climbing on to a roof-top. His eyes glow white as he stares into the night, rainy sky. He turns on the Bat-signal revealing an angry Superman floating in the air. His literally grow red in anger. End of footage.

The crowd screamed in enthusiasm throughout the screening, I personally screamed so loud I lost my voice. Once again, Zack Snyder came up on stage to excite fans even further by welcoming the stars of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot. For the first time ever DC Comics “Big Three” or the “Trinity” were seen together in public following months of announcements and filming. Similar to photo bombing last year’s Comic-Con, Chris Hardwick wasted no time in taking a selfie with the Big Three. You can watch the full video of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice segment here, courtesy of Flicks and the City. As the stars of the film appeared on screen, the first image of Gal Gadot dressed as Wonder Woman debuted on one of Hall H projectors. Online reactions have been mixed, but leaning more towards on the positive side, and compare the new Wonder Woman outfit to Xena the Warrior Princess.

None of the cast had time to say anything to press following the footage screening, nor was there any updates regarding the Justice League. However, looking back at the video recorded in Hall H the fan excitement was louder and crazier compared to another studio that makes super hero movies. Of course that studio did their panel later in the evening.