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'Batman' turns wanted crook in to police

'Batman' turned in a wanted man in Bradford, England
'Batman' turned in a wanted man in Bradford, England
West Yorkshire Police

Imagine the surprise police officers in Bradford, England, had when "Batman" showed up to turn in a man wanted of fraud-related activities and handling stolen goods. Yet, that's exactly what happened on Feb. 25.

Danny Frayne was wanted by the police and had until the end of the day to turn himself in. Instead of the traditional route, Frayne called up his friend, Stan Worby, to help with a joke. The idea was Worby would dress up as Batman, handing Frayne over to police where he would surrender before the end of the day.

Worby, a practical joke lover, agreed and donned a Batman costume he had purchased for a soccer game months earlier.

At the station, Worby told officers he had captured Frayne and was prepared to turn him over to the authorities.

Police were uncertain the identity of Batman until recently, when Frayne and Worby came clean. Police had distributed fliers around the area seeking any information into the identity of the crusader.

While the faux Batman has one collar to his record, the city has no plans to put a Bat Signal in the sky anytime soon.

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