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Batman television show will feature a young Bruce Wayne plus famous villains

Batman TV show 'Gotham' to include popular characters
Batman TV show 'Gotham' to include popular characters
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A new Batman television show will take place in a Gotham City before Bruce Wayne became a superhero. According to The Hollywood Reporter on Jan. 13, the show will still feature Bruce Wayne as a child and also include a number of popular villains from the Batman universe.

The TV show, called "Gotham," will be a police procedural that takes place in Gotham City before Batman showed back up to help try to clean up the city. The hero of the show will be a young James Gordon, when he was a detective and before he became commissioner.

While the idea that this show would have nothing to do with Batman, Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly said that is not true. At today's Television Critics Association winter press tour, Reilly said that they will follow the young character of Bruce Wayne up to the point where he "gets interesting."

He also said they won't just use the city and James Gordon and will bring in characters that fans know, making it sound a bit like the CW show "Smallville," which uses the world of Clark Kent to bring in a lot of Superman's future allies and villains as guest stars in their younger years.

Written by "The Mentalist" showrunner Bruno Heller, the pilot will cast Bruce Wayne as a 12-year-old. Reilly said this was a Gotham City "teetering on the edge." According to, "Gotham" will also feature younger versions of villains like Ridder, Catwoman and Penguin.