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Batman returns from the grave. . . and not as a Black Lantern

Cavebat begs the question . . . Where did he find a giant bat to wear?!?
Cavebat begs the question . . . Where did he find a giant bat to wear?!?
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Final Crisis bore one truly shocking moment that changed the status quo for the DCU, namely killing off their most popular badass, Batman. For those out of the loop or who blocked out that all too traumatic scene the Dark Knight broke his personal oath against using firearms to end the life of the 'god of evil', Darkseid. Armed with a sniper rifle and a deity slaying bullet (I kid you not) Batman killed Darkseid only to be slain himself by the Omega Sanction (one of Darkseid's power beams). Literally seconds after this, Superman rushed in after being absent from the majority of the main final crisis series to be well . . . moderately angry at his friend's passing. However at the end of the series it was revealed that the Omega Sanction is really more of an infinite torture device that sent the Dark Knight hurling through time, leaving readers with an image of him as a caveman.

This occurance is presented as Grant Morrison's device for Batman's return. Morrison, who wrote the Final Crisis and Batman: R.I.P. events, has described Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne as yet another 'definitive' tale. It will chronicle the Caped Crusader's  journey through history, and set the stage for his greatest adventures according to Morrison. Some early artwork reveals a pirate version of Batman and a caveman version as well with more to be revealed. Why Bruce feels the need to don various versions of his costume in times when he doesn't exist is also to be revealed.

When April 2010 rolls around one can be certain that this book will be one of the most sought after books and should prove to be a big seller. Whether the story will live up to the currently building hype remains to be seen.