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Batman prequel 'Gotham' ordered to series, gets a trailer

On May 5 Variety posted the news that the highly anticipated Batman prequel series "Gotham" received a full series order and the first trailer for the show was released. The story follows a young James Gordon as he starts off on the police force in the city of Gotham. The series follows the crime in the city of DC Comics characters before the appearance of Batman.

Benjamin McKenzie
Photo by Rachel Murray

The fifty second trailer features actor Benjamin McKenzie as James Gordon, who encounters a young Bruce Wayne (played by David Mazouz) around the time his parents were killed. This is the event that eventually leads him to explore the possibility of Batman and a savior for Gotham. The prequel series will introduce famous villains like The Riddler, Catwoman the Penguin, and Posion Ivy. The main villain in the new series will be Fish Mooney, played by actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

Actor Donal Logue will portray Detective Harvey Bullock, who will be a mentor to Gordon as he establishes his own career as a detective. Gordon promises Wayne that he will find the man who killed his parents and control the crime around the city. The series will be told from Gordon's point of view and expand the story of Gotham outside of Batman. The first season of the show will debt with thirteen episodes on Fox this fall.

Cinemablend reported on May 5 that there is an entire backstory to the trailer, including they way each character was introduced. Gordon joins the Gotham City Police Department and his new partner and mentor is Harvey Bullock. The first case the pair work on together is the murder of Bruce Wayne's family in downtown Gotham.

He befriends 11-year-old Bruce Wayne and helps him get through his parent's death while trying to catch a major crime boss named Fish Mooney. The second half of the trailer is dedicated to the popular villains like Oswald Copplepot and Selina Kyle before they became famous. The Penguin is shown in the rain and then smiling with an umbrella, while Kyle stands on a rooftop dressed like Catwoman without a mask.

The final shots include a young Poison Ivy watering some plants while someone offscreen watches her and Fish Mooney gives orders in a dark club while wearing a pink shirt that matches her hair. McKenzie is shown searching for a criminal in an alleyway with his gun drawn.

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