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Batman Fan Rides Motorcycle Down Highway in Japan and it looks Awesome

Thought Comic-Con had the best Cosplay? This Batman fan goes all out as he drives down a busy highway in Japan causing onlookers to stir up a Twitter frenzy. He not only has his own Dark Knight Batman costume, but the Batcycle as a perfected replica, according to Comic Book Resources.

Batman Fan Rides Motorcycle in Japan-slide0

The Caped Crusader cruised down Chiba Prefecture highway which is East of Tokyo, Japan.

"I was driving when suddenly my son yelled" there Batman! "

Said one motorist who witnessed this.

"I thought he was talking about something on your iPad, but when I looked in front of me, I saw what seemed to be just the real thing. '

This extreme Batman fan is known to be seen outside Chiba in Yokohama and Tokyo's Akihabara district. His frequent visits in that area have earned him the name from locals as, "Chibatman".

Cosplay is a big industry in Japan where fans spend thousands to emulate their idols, similar to Comic Con.

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