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Batman Eternal coming in April

Batman, Bluebird, and Spoiler.

Next month, April 9th, we are getting a new Batman comic. And not just any ol' comic, Batman Eternal is going to be huge! A story so big once a month isn't going to cut it. There will be issues released weekly. The writers on board are Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, and Tim Seeley. The 1st issue will have cover art and art by Jason Fabok.
This series will also be bring us a huge cast. Among this cast is Harper Row, aka Bluebird. She grow up in the Narrows of Gotham with her brother Cullen. She her a abusive father who broke everything. Through this she developed her skills of electrical engineering. She seems like she might be Batman's newest sidekick. Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler will also be returning as we see her tied to a chair by Catwoman in Batman #28. She is the daughter of criminal Cluemaster and she fights crime under the name Spoiler. In Batman #28 Catwoman tells Batman that Spoiler is the only one who knows how to stop the next big thing coming to Gotham.
If that isn't exciting enough we also get a sneak peek at James Gordon in handcuffs. This new weekly series will begin with a family betrayal putting James Gordon Jr against his father.
Don’t dare miss the start of the Bat-story so big it’s going to take every week of the month to tell! A massive cast of Gotham City’s best (and worst) examines the relationship between Batman, his allies and his city. In this debut issue, Commissioner James Gordon is caught on the wrong side of the law!

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