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'Batman Arkham Knight' Rogues Gallery and more plot info posted

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment posted more information behind the story of the upcoming "Batman Arkham Knight." A report from Business Insider on May 21 revealed that Scarecrow is planning to bring together the Rogues Gallery in order to take down Batman. His strategy include causing the citizens to flee Gotham City due to a threat of attack. The streets ended up being populated with criminals as a result.

New 'Batman Arkham Knight' character
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

The superhero does have some help on his side, however, as the previously-revealed Batmboile can be used at anytime while on the roads of the massive metropolis. He will also be assisted by James Gordon, the commissioner of the police force, along with Oracle. In addition to Scarecrow, Batman also has to deal with some familiar foes such as Harley Quinn, Penguin, Riddler and Two-Face. A new character, the Arkham Knight, was also created by DC Comics and Rocksteady Studios just for the video game.

Along with the new plot details, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment also released a new trailer for "Batman Arkham Knight." The footage shows off some cut scenes and a few glimpses of the gameplay, including the aforementioned Batmobile. You can find the latest trailer for the sequel with the video embedded to the top side of this article.

Rocksteady Studios is the development team responsible for "Batman Arkham Knight." The company previously confirmed that the upcoming title will be their last for the franchise. As a result, they plan on providing an explosive end to the overarching plot of the series. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is still able to use other studios to continue the franchise even with the departure of the original team.

"Batman Arkham Knight" is coming out later this fall as some retailers expect the software product to ship on Oct. 14. The superhero game will only be available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One as it won't be heading to the PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360. Rocksteady Studios explained that extra horsepower is needed in order to implement the Batmobile when previously asked why the game won't be developed on the current-generation consoles. A screen featuring the Arkham Knight from the Facebook page of the series with the photo near the top of the article.

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