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'Batman Arkham Knight' Robin, Scarecrow and other roles speculated

Arkham Knight from 'Batman Arkham Knight'
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

The roles of the Arkham Knight, Robin and Scarecrow have been speculated in the upcoming multiplatform video game, "Batman Arkham Knight." According to a report from Gameranx on May 26, the voice of Robin may have made a cameo in the latest trailer for the open-world superhero video game. The sidekick previously appeared as a playable character in "Batman Arkham City." However, he has not yet been officially announced for the sequel.

The same video also provided another look at the Arkham Knight, a new villain that will be going against Batman. The new character appears to be working in tandem with Scarecrow, who is the ringleader of the group of infamous criminals who have taken over Gotham City. The voice of Scarecrow could be heard Scarecrow when Arkham Knight, who was also seen possibly holding a fear toxin, is attacking the main character of the story.

"Batman Arkham Knight" is the last game of the trilogy, which also includes "Batman Arkham Asylum" and the aforesaid "Batman Arkham City." The development team hinted in the past that the third game will be providing an explosive end to the saga. Along with Scarecrow and other returning favorite villains from the lore, Arkham Knight was created to provide Batman with an imposing physical challenge.

The superhero has been enhanced with several new features in order to fight off the onslaught of enemies. He can now use various gadgets while gliding in the air, giving him more maneuverability. His moves in combat have also been improved with new counters. Finally, the Batmobile can finally be used with the release of the upcoming game.

"Batman Arkham Knight" has an expected launch date of Oct. 14 in the North American territory. Fans of the previous two games may have to purchase a new console as the upcoming game won't be coming to the PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360. Instead, it is only playable on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A render of the aforesaid Arkham Knight from the official Facebook page of the gaming series can be viewed near the top of this article.

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