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‘Batman Arkham Knight’ PS4 and Xbox One benefits revealed

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Dax Ginn has discussed some of the benefits of developing “Batman Arkham Knight” for the PS4 and Xbox One. According to a report from Gaming Bolt on April 6, the producer disclosed that the added horsepower of the two next-generation consoles gave the development team the ability to create a game with both “scale and detail.”

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In the previous games, the studio usually had to pick one element over the other. You can take a look at the graphics from the recently-announced multiplatform title with the slideshow located to the left of this article and the comments from Dax Ginn below (courtesy of Gamerhub and Gaming Bolt):

Next-gen for us has really opened up the opportunity to deliver, not just the detail that we’ve always been committed to in our previous games, but to [now] do that on an epic scale. Scale and detail, it’s usually one or the other, but with next-gen you can really do both.

The producer also compared “Batman Arkham Knight” to the two previous games from Rocksteady Studios, “Batman Arkham Asylum” and “Batman Arkham City.” He revealed that the development team decided to expand upon the “detailed game worlds” from the prequels in order to create Gotham City. Although the process ended up being “a huge creative and technical challenge,” they were able to get through with passion. You can find the second part of his remarks below:

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were both highly detailed game worlds. We really wanted to take that to the next level in Batman: Arkham Knight. To do it on [this] scale, we’re building out the entirety of Gotham City at that kind of level. It’s a huge creative and technical challenge, but that was something we were really passionate about doing.

Rocksteady Studios already announced that “Batman Arkham Knight” will be their final game in the series as it will wrap up the story. The software product is slated for an autumn release in North America for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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