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'Batman: Arkham Knight' main villain revealed in new screenshots

In the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, the Scarecrow has united a band of villains that includes Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, to destroy The Dark Knight for good. However, the game will feature one all new "Big Bad" that proves to be Batman's equal and he was revealed in a new set of screenshots sent over Thursday by Warner Bros. Interactive in a press release.

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Villain Reveal Screenshots-slide0
Warner Bros. Interactive

The new villain is officially named Arkham Knight and is not part of the Batman lore. Instead, Rocksteady Studios created him specifically for this four installment in the Batman: Arkham series. As you can see in the new images, Arkham Knight is a more militarized version of Batman and has the Arkham 'A' emblazoned on his chest plate.

Along with the new villain, Batman: Arkham Knight will allow players to drive around the city in the Batmobile for the first time in the series. It also returns the stellar voice cast from the previous games including Kevin Conroy in the titular role, Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Nolan North as Penguin, Troy Baker as Two-Face and Wally Wingert as Riddler.

Officially, Batman: Arkham Knight will be released later this fall for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unofficially, several retailers have the game's release date marked as Oct. 14.

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