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'Batman Arkham Knight' gameplay between Batman and Batmobile compared

'Batman Arkham Knight'
'Batman Arkham Knight'
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

The gameplay elements between Batman and the Batmobile have been compared in "Batman Arkham Knight." According to a report from Edge Online on May 29, Adam Doherty is responsible for the handling of the vehicle. The programmer also worked on the movement of the main character of the story. Despite the differences between the two controllable entities, the gameplay should end up feeling somewhat similar.

Sefton Hill explained that Rocksteady Studios don't want "Batman Arkham Knight" to simply feature a driving mode. Instead of going with realistic driving, the development team opted to make controlling the vehicle similar to the weighted and unstoppable feeling of attacking with Batman. As a result, the Batmobile should feel faster and offer more maneuverability (it can turn sharply, for example) when compared to normal cars.

The vehicle was previously confirmed to be equipped with several weapons to take out other cars along with other types of opposition. The process of entering and exiting the car has also been streamlined. For example, Batman can call for the Batmobile to appear on any spot on the streets. He can also eject from the driver seat into the air to glide to the next destination.

Due to the new element, "Batman Arkham Knight" can't be technically developed for the PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 despite the previous games appearing on all three current-generation consoles. The Batmobile takes up a lot of resources, especially when it comes to the system memory. The development team also decided to improved the visual quality along with expanding the open-world setting exponentially when compared to "Batman Arkham City."

The "Batman Arkham Knight" release date has been listed by multiple shopping websites for Oct. 14 in North America. Adam Doherty, Sefton Hill and the rest of Rocksteady Studios are developing the project for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. A screen showing off the car from the series' official Facebook page can be viewed with the image located near the top side of the article.