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‘Batman Arkham Knight’ frame rate and resolution on PS4 and Xbox One discussed

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Dax Ginn has commented on the frame rate and resolution for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Batman Arkham Knight.” In an interview with Video Gamer on March 27, the brand marketing producer disclosed that the video game is still too early in the production process to reveal any specifics regarding the graphics of the software product.

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He went on mentioned that the development team has not yet completely optimized the latest “Batman Arkham” installment, adding that they will make an announcement about the frame rate and resolution in the future. You can find some screens from the open-world superhero video game with the gallery located to the left-hand portion of this article and his comments below:

We're still working that through. There's optimizations that are still yet to be done so we'll make an announcement about that [in the future].

Dax Ginn did suggest that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of “Batman Arkham Knight” will have minimal differences as the Rocksteady Studios development team is aiming to “deliver parity across all experiences on every platform.”

Several multiplatform games released for both new consoles so far have been running better on Sony’s platform when compared to Microsoft’s system. The software products usually feature a higher native resolution support in addition to a faster frame rate.

In addition to the PS4 and Xbox One, “Batman Arkham Knight” is also coming out for the PC later this fall season in the North American region.

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