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'Batman: Arkham Knight' first in the series to make the jump to next gen

For days there have been rumors of a next generation "Arkham" game. On Tuesday, "Batman: Arkham Knight" was officially announced thanks to a cover on Game Informer. While another game in the now long running series is enough to get engines revving, the fact that this will be the first "Arkham" title on next generation consoles is big news as well.

Batman: Arkham Knight first to be on next generation consoles-slide0
Batman: Arkham knight gets first official trailer

The fourth game in the series and the third one to be handled by Rocksteady London, "Arkham Knight" will be available on Xbox One, the Playstation 4 and PC. While it will be the first "Batman" game to be available on next gen consoles, there's another reason to get excited about this game. This will be the first in the series that features a usable batmobile.

The new announcement trailer, which you can watch here is a rather long unveiling of the new game. There are a couple of scenes where the batmobile is front and center and it appears there will also be a dependable long time villains playing a part in "Arkham Knight." Two-Face and Harley Quinn at the very least will be making appearances in the new title.

While we don't see him, Rocksteady has let it be known that the Scarecrow will be the big bag in this game and will also feature the Joker and the Penguin. "Batman: Arkham Knight" has also been billed as having the biggest landscape of any of the "Arkham" games.

It is apparently quite fitting that "Knight" will be the first of the series on next generation consoles because Rocksteady has said it will be the conclusion of the "Arkham" stories. It is also a welcome return to the hands of Rocksteady. Last year's edition, "Origins" was the only one in the line that was not produced by Rocksteady. The 2013 edition was produced by WB Montreal.

There isn't an official release date for "Batman: Arkham Knight" but Gamestop is one retailer that seems to have set the date it expects the game to hit store shelves as October 14.

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