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'Batman: Arkham Knight' combo chain, weapons and more details revealed

'Batman Arkham Knight' combat
'Batman Arkham Knight' combat
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

The combat in "Batman: Arkham Knight" has been further detailed. According to a report from Segment Next on May 12, Rocksteady Studios made several changes in order to change the flow of combat in the open-world superhero video game. One of the elements that were changed is how the combo chain functions as the number won't be reset after defeating downed enemies.

Furthermore, the reversal system has also be somewhat revamped as Batman can now ward off enemy attacks and send the opposition crashing into the environmental objects such as walls. Unlike "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and "Batman: Arkham City," the main character can also apparently knock away firearms and then use the weapons against the attackers. Finally, the previously-revealed Fear Takedown can be used to take out up to three adversaries at the same time when executed correctly. The speed will slow down temporarily with every successful knock out, allowing the hero to aim at the next target.

The enemies also got improved in "Batman: Arkham Knight" as all of the foes are capable of tackling and knocking down Batman. Only larger types were capable of performing the same feat in the earlier entries. All of the aforesaid changes should add more depth to the melee combat system, which has been a central part of the series since the first game.

Rocksteady Studios will be leaving the franchise after the completion of "Batman: Arkham Knight." In addition to improving several gameplay elements, the development team also decided to add some features for their last project in the series. The open-world setting has been expanded with a larger location in Gotham City. Exploration has also been made easier thanks to the Batmobile as well as a few new moves that Batman can pull off while in the air.

Oct. 14 is the listed release date of the video game at multiple retailers. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the publisher of the software product, has only confirmed a fall launch window so far, however. A screen featuring the open-world action-adventure game from the franchise's official Facebook page can be viewed with the picture located near the top of this article.