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‘Batman Arkham Knight’ Batmobile abilities and limitations discussed

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Dax Ginn has revealed some of the abilities and limitations of the Batmobile in the upcoming next-generation video game, “Batman Arkham Knight.” According to a report from Kotaku on April 5, the marketing producer at Rocksteady Studios disclosed that players will have the ability to eject from the seat of the car.

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As a result, Batman is going to transition seamlessly on foot to the vehicle and vice versa. You can find a selection of screenshots from the Batmobile, as well as several other shots from “Batman Arkham Knight,” with the slideshow gallery to the left side of this article and the first portion of the comments below:

So the integration that you saw between the functionality of the Batmobile and the abilities of Batman himself was really important to us, and we developed them early on. So [we have] the ejection — being able to use the speed of the Batmobile and translate that into Batman’s movement and then calling the Batmobile back in — kind of splitting them up and then reuniting them in a seamless way.

Dax Ginn did revealed that players won’t be able to kill enemies with the Batmobile, however, as they must abide to the principles of Batman. Instead, the car comes with a taser system that will stun and knock away any adversaries that get too close to it. You can find the rest of his remarks below:

The Batmobile is loaded up with a taser system, so, if any thugs come at the Batmobile when it’s parked up, it will just taser them automatically and throw them away. And you would have seen it in our previous games that if there is a situation where the player would be able to lethally interact with someone, the game kind of reminds you that, ‘Hey, look, you’re Batman here, this is not just something you want to try and undermine. You need to be the Batman.’ There are systems we have that encourage the player to take this seriously and behave the way Batman would.

Due to the inclusion of the vehicle, “Batman Arkham Knight” takes up too many resources for the PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 to handle. As a result, the open-world action-adventure video game is only coming to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be publishing the software product when it launches later this year in North America. For the latest new on this and other games, you can follow me on the VGNewsExaminer Twitter.