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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ art director discusses redesigning the game’s villains

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Rocksteady has held a tradition of slightly redesigning the characters of Batman for the Arkham video game franchise. Speaking to Game Informer on March 19, art director David Hego spoke about the challenges that the developer faces in giving such widely popular characters makeovers for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Besides the base challenge of taking an existing character and redesigning them in a way that makes them unique to the game franchise yet still recognizable to fans, Hego admitted that they now have the added task of further changing-up each character’s appearance so that they provide a new look from even their past incarnations within Rocksteady’s own Batman universe.

We tried to add something to the characters, so you’re still excited about them even after meeting them for the third time.

While Scarecrow is being staged as the central villain in Arkham Knight, plenty of the The Dark Knight’s other adversaries will also be present in the upcoming final installment of the Arkham series. Rocksteady has thus far highlighted Penguin, Two Face, and The Riddler as major villains to appear in the game.

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to release later this year only on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. By only appearing on next-gen systems, the game will boast a number of improvements including a larger Gotham and a fully drivable Batmobile.

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