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Batman and Robin Originals reveal Comedy Secrets at Comic-Con Press Conference

Adam West (Original Batman), Burt Ward (Original Robin) and Julie Newmar (Original Catwoman) revealed their comedy secrets during a Comic-Con 2014 press conference last weekend in San Diego, California. You can watch the priceless behind-the-scenes moments in our VIDEO: Batman and Robin Originals Comedy Secrets at Comic-Con 2014.

Holy Batman TV series originals Burt Ward (Robin) and Adam West (Batman)
Holy Batman TV series originals Burt Ward (Robin) and Adam West (Batman)
Liz H Kelly
Adam West Original Batman at Comic-Con 2014 Press Conference
by Liz H Kelly

Batman was everywhere at Comic-Con this year celebrating the 75th Anniversary of this superhero character that started with Adam West in the classic 1960s Batman TV Series. Along with Batman Day on Wednesday July 23, you had a Batman motorcycle LEGO display, Batman at DC Comics with all the Batman movie costumes, Batman parties, "Batman: Arkham Knight" Art Event at the Hard Rock, Batman bags, Batman games and then of course events for the new “Batman v Superman” movie.

Cutting through all this Batman chatter, what was most special to me was hearing the Original Batman Adam West talk about how he built charisma into this DC Comic Book character.

When asked about the comedy magic, Adam West revealed with an undeniable wit, “You have to think funny, and you have to have comedy timing. It’s essential….You can’t wink at the camera. You can’t let anyone think that you think you’re funny. You just have to appreciate the material and play it funny.”

Since this huge TV series success, Hollywood has been making blockbuster movies whose comedy can’t really compare to these original actors. When asked about Batman movies with George Clooney, Christian Bale, Val Kimer, and Michael Keaton, Adam West added, “The thing is. They’re all talented, and the production has been incredibly good…And the money spent, and the things available to produce those movies. We just had a few costumes, some wonderful actors, slap the make-up on, and think funny and go to it. It’s that simple.”

When Burt Ward (Original Robin) was asked about his favorite Holy Blank moment, Julie Newmar (Original Catwoman) and Adam West chimed in concert, “Holy Undwear, Holy Whacamole, Holy Raspberry Spread Jam” and more.

Burt then explained, “All of the stuff that I said was originally written by the writers. Unfortunately not all of the writers got it. And Adam and I really had to go to work in some of the shows because we didn’t want to loose that special chemistry.”

Burt then expanded on his epic relationship with Adam West, “Besides being actors who did our job, Adam and I have a unique chemistry….I have loved working with this man. He is one of my dearest friends. He has fought everybody to keep that character during the series…. And the two of us have fought so hard. Wherever we would make appearances, even in costume, we would never take off our mask….When we were in costume, we were those characters….In my opinion, no disrespect to anybody, there is only 1 Batman.”

Adam West thinks Ben Affleck will make a great Batman in the new “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice” movie with a revised release date of May 6, 2016.

Look for the complete “Batman: The Complete Television Series” on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 11, 2014. Burt Ward predicts people will be watching this classic TV series for “500 years." And for more of our Comic-Con videos, visit

© Liz H Kelly @LizHKelly, National Digital Entertainment Columnist

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