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Batman 3: The Dark Knight Arises: Nolan finally releases 411!

Christopher Nolan director & Warner Bros presents
Christopher Nolan director & Warner Bros presents

Director Christopher Nolan (recent work includes Inception) has finally released more information on the new installment of Batman. The successful director reluctantly gave the Los Angeles Times a bit of a sneak peek to which characters will be in the film. He expressed the fact that although he is a tight-lipped director, he can assure the public that the Riddler will not be in Dark Knight Arises contrary to popular belief.

The Riddler (Edward Nigma) is more commonly known for being played by Jim Carrey characterized as the of the green tights wearing, egocenteric puzzle-lover in Batman Forever in 1995. Nolan went on to advise that he will still stay true to DC comics and maintain the original characters so the film shouldnt stray too far away from the old comic books we all love.

But what about the new 3D craze you say??? Well, according to sources, Warner Brothers sides with Christopher Nolan in agreeing that they shouldnt play into the whole fad. The film should actually be well presented enough to pull its own weight at the box office without having to try to convince audiences to spend the extra ten bucks at an IMAX theater. In any event, Christain Bale and Morgan Freeman will be reprising their roles so the story can really pick up where it left off. Well, hopefully.

Hopefully this film will be released no later than 2012 so be on the lookout for trailers, interviews and more!

Currently his film Inception is being shown in Miami theaters.