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Batman #1 sold in Dallas for how much?!


While certainly not the most expensive comic book auctioned off recently, Heritage Auctions in Dallas was the site where Batman #1 sold for over $55,000 this past Thursday!

Cover to Batman #1 from 1940

That's right, fellow comic collectors, a comic that once cost one thin dime (and cost the previous owner a mere $300) was sold for $55,268.75. Previous owner and Fairbanks, Alaska resident, Mike Wheat had the comic for 36 years before deciding to sell it and hopefully feels like the profit was worth it. While certainly not the first appearance of Batman or Robin, it is still a very rare and noteworthy beginning to a series that just recently hit number #700. According to the Associated Press, there are less than 300 copies of the book in existence.

Heritage Auctions is headquartered in Dallas with locations all over the world. They are by no means a stranger to auctioning comic books and have a portion of their site dedicated to it. Take a look at this Frank Miller Daredevil issue they sold for over $100,000!

If stories like these prove anything, it's that the anger toward parents who threw away their kids old comics have some serious explaining to do. Please share your heart-breaking story below or tell us about a great comic sale you made! Or tell us a joke!

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