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Batista continues to lash out at the WWE fans that boo him

Batista continues to lash out at the WWE fans that boo him
Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Over the last 6 weeks, Batista has gone from a triumphant hero returning to the WWE, to one of the most hated wrestlers on the roster. What started out as a backlash from the WWE Universe over Batista winning the Royal Rumble and not fan favorite Daniel Bryan, has grown into a real life soap opera between the fans and Batista. The turning point in this saga has been Batista's public comments toward the fans for booing him. Batista continued his banter with the fans by making the following comments on Wednesday February 26 via his Twitter page:

"Amazing how people can turn their failures as human beings into hatred of people making the most of life. #losers F em!! #dreamchaser..."

This latest Twitter message comes on the heels of previous comments where Batista stated he doesn't let negative opinions of his critics dictate his life. However, it appears that he does let these negative onions bother him more than he would like to admit.

Batista is set to take on Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30 for the WWE World Heavyweight title. The WWE Universe has vocally expressed their desire to see Daniel Bryan in this match and not Batista. With each appearance, the boos grow louder for Batista. These boos have forced the WWE to make creative changes to Batista's character, which can be seen on the March 1 episode of SmackDown.

On Friday's episode of SmackDown, Batista will turn heel and destroy Dolph Ziggler. This heel turn cements what the fans have dictated since the Rumble. One could argue that Batista's comments on Twitter are just a "work" to continue the heel turn. However, Batista has always been a bit confrontational with his critics. Just look back at the post-Rumble incident where he mocked the fans and Daniel Bryan.

Batista is better off as a heel and this could really bring him more success than as a baby face. The fans would eat up a feud between him and Bryan. One thing is for sure, the bantering between Batista and the WWE Universe is only going to heat up as we draw closer to WM 30.

What do you think of Batista's comments?

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