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Bathroom Begonia: work out while you freshen up

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Do you get enough daily exercise? Do you feel you're doing your best for your personal health? Is your life just "too busy" to get a good workout in? Personal trainer Estelle Shaw understands how difficult daily exercise can be and is a firm believer in "fitness that fits your life." With all of this in mind Fitness Flower was born. The Bathroom Begonia features six exercises (one for each "petal") that you can do while completing your morning bathroom routine. Brushing your teeth? Do some squats. Brushing your hair? Do some lunges.

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The Bathroom Begonia includes an hourglass that attaches to the begonia to time your exercises and a suction cup to affix the flower to your bathroom mirror. The package also includes a brochure and a checklist to help get the biggest benefit from your 10 minute workout. The Reading Rose bookmark is included as a bonus. It includes 6 additional exercises you can do without ever leaving your bed.

The exercises on the Bathroom Begonia are easy to follow and easy to do even while working through your routine. Once you get used to each exercise, you're able to just include them as part of your routine. Not only do these exercises help tone your body but doing these exercises first thing in the morning help wake you up and get ready to conquer your day. The hardest part is just convincing your drowsy self to get going and start moving.

Fitness Flower also offers the Office Orchid. The Office Orchid is a 24 ounce double-walled tumbler that includes photos on the cup of 6 effective exercises that will easily fit into your work day. The Office Orchid also includes a brochure and checklist as well as the Office Orchid bookmark which includes 6 additional exercises you can do without leaving your desk chair.

This collection of simple yet effective exercises will start you on the way to a healthier, happier you. Fitness Flower products are available on their website as well as Amazon. As an added bonus, if you sign up for the Fitness Flower mailing list you will get 25% off your purchase.