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Bathing suit blow outs: end of season sales are on!

2 piece tankini Target $19.99 top & $19.99 bottom
2 piece tankini Target $19.99 top & $19.99 bottom

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Now is the time for big savings on little pieces of fabric. The end of summer finds dozens of left over bathing suits marked down to blow out prices. Pick up a new suit now and stash it away until next summer. With the end-of-season clearance sales, you can afford to pick up more than one, so feel free to go wild with style, choosing from one pieces, tankinis, or bikinis in an array of colors and prints. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you go bargain hunting for your new suit:

  • Think of a bathing suit as a supportive garment, same as you would your underclothes. The top should hold you up and in place while also flattering your figure. If it's uncomfortable, it doesn't fit. If you have a large chest, look for a top with straps that start near your arm pits and go around the back of your neck, either halter neck, racer back, or criss-crossed will give you the added lift in front. Smaller chests may prefer a suit with added embellishments, such as ruffles or ruching.  The bottoms shouldn't bulge or sag. If your lower half is your target area of self-consciousness, choose a skirted or full bottomed brief to give you more coverage. Ruched and high waisted bottoms are great camouflagers for a less than perfect tush. If your midsection is your concern, try a tankini with an embellished halter neck line on top of your high waisted bottoms. 
  • Never buy a bathing suit without trying it on. If you can't open the door to the dressing room and walk out in your new suit with confidence, then it's not the right suit for you. 
  • If your arms and knees instinctively want to curl in across your body in an attempt to cover your half-nakedness, then it's not the right suit for you. 
  • Think of the color or print of your suit as an added distraction. Allow the bathing suit to be the focus of the outfit, rather than your body in it. Choosing a bright color, or an age appropriate print like polk a dots, paisley, or animal is a sure fire way to garner the right attention  and make sure the focus stays on the suit, lending you more confidence in it. 
  • Treat your bathing suit the way you would any other outfit. Accessorize it, and choose shoes that pull it together as a polished look. Again, the more you present yourself as fully dressed, the less half-naked you will feel.  
  • Avoid bikinis that look like bra and panties, especially if confidence in your bathing suit isn't your strongest quality. The more you make yourself feel half-dressed, the more you will look half-dressed. Choose a suit that doesn't make you feel like your forgot to put the rest of your clothes on.
  • Most importantly, don't be too hard on yourself. Remain objective, and don't allow your eyes to focus only on your trouble areas. Be sure to look at the suit on your body as a whole ensemble and see what it does for you head to toe.

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