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Bathing pets: How to make a natural bar of soap

Pug enjoys a bath with a natural bar of soap from Whole Foods
Joshua-Paul Angell

Recently, awareness groups have been trying to educate the masses about chemicals is shampoos, body wash and bars of soap. These chemicals are known to cause skin cancer. Many people use the same products on their pets. Conventional pet shampoos are no better. Just like humans, organic foods and natural products are the best. Washing your pet with natural soap does not have to be costly. With a few simple ingredients, you can soon be bathing your pets safely without fears of potentially cancerous products.

Natural soap is simple to do, naturally, without chemical and dangerous additives.

Here are few simple steps how to make your home made natural soap.


Wear gloves and goggles.
Weigh the water and put it in the jug.
Weigh the caustic soda and pour it slowly into the water, stirring until dissolved.
The water will overheat, reaching a temperature of approximately 70 °, 80 ° degrees centigrade (therefore attention at this stage because it is scalding is due to the temperature that because of caustic soda).
Wait until the liquid reaches 45 °, in the meantime (it may take less or more depending on the temperature of the environment).
Prepare the ingredients (essential oil, colors, flowers, herbs …) and weighed the oil (or grease), pour it into the steel pan and bring it to the same temperature as the soda-always 45 °.
When the oil and soda will have reached the same temperature mix them, pouring soda water and oil, slowly and always with the immersion blender.
Once you have changed the look and feel (live tape) you can add additional ingredients such as essential oils, flowers, herbs, natural colors.
Once properly mixed the dough of your soap, you can pour into your molds.
Let stand for three or four days until you can transform without ruining it.
Bakes put them to mature for a month in a dry place, turning the forms every week.


1 kg of fat, such as for example the extra virgin olive oil

128 grams of caustic soda

300 grams of liquid in which dissolve (water)

10 to 30 ml of essential oil

2 tablespoons flour (corn, rice, oats, etc. ..) that dissolve the essential oil to fix it.

Tools needed

Plastic gloves, goggles, an apron or old clothes

Electric balance

Steel pot

Glass jug

Molds of plastic or silicone

An electric mixer immersion

A thermometer at 100 degrees

Old newspapers to protect work surface

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