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Bath time help: Entertainment idea

Push button stuffed animals
Push button stuffed animals
Sara Stone

At some point in your little's one growth they will probably start to fight you to get ready for bed after a bath.  Personally I've gone through several tries in diverting his attention so I can put his baby lotion, diaper, and pjs on. 

After many tries, we finally pulled out the push button stuffed animals.  You can find them almost anywhere and they are simply a stuffed animal that you can push a button and it plays a song and "dances".  They usually last for 15-30 seconds per push but that is an eternity when I comes to a baby sitting still.  We have three that we rotate to keep his attention night after night after his bath.

As always you can help entertain your little one by singing along with the stuffed animal or dancing to the music.  Most likely your baby will think you are so funny and get a good laugh out of it! 

We have a stuffed dog that sings "Love Machine" and his ears flap, a stuffed duck that sings "Here's comes Peter Cotton Tail" by quacking and moving his wings and beak, and Tweety who's heart lights up as he sings "Do ya love me". 

Remember if your having fun with it, your little probably will too!  And who doesn't love having a happy, smiling baby that you can easily put a diaper on versus trying to stop them while they crawl away with half a diaper on!