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‘Bates Motel’ season 2, episode 8 spoilers: Meltdown

"Bates Motel"
"Bates Motel"
Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Spoilers for episode 8 reveal that Norman is still in trouble on “Bates Motel,” and Sheriff Alex Romero will be demanding answers. On Sunday, the official Facebook page of the show shared that rules will be broken in the next episode. Norman’s criminal problems will not be the only focus on the show, and Norma will face her own confrontation.

Sheriff Romero is no longer trying to uncover the secrets behind Cody’s death, but he learns new and disturbing information about Norman that makes him question his involvement in another murder case. Since Norman’s DNA matches a sample found in Miss Watson, the sheriff is demanding answers and believes he is involved in the death. However, Norman is not prepared to discuss Miss Watson or anyone else with Romero, and he simply runs away from him.

After previous problems, the tension between Norma and Norman is also increasing in the “Meltdown” episode. She wants to keep his blackouts a secret, but it is becoming clear that they are affecting him more frequently and with more serious consequences. The relationship is strained more in the next episode because Norman announces he no longer trusts his mother because she is not the person he originally thought she could be.

The past is starting to close in around Norman, and the truth about Miss Watson’s death could be the catalyst that finally sends him over the edge. As he continues to push his mother away, Norman is falling deeper into a darker state of mind while his blackouts are becoming more serious. Meanwhile, the drug issues in the town are not going away, and Nick Ford has plans to eliminate somebody he does not want around. Dylan will be involved, but it is not clear how much longer he will survive on “Bates Motel.”