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'Bates Motel' 2x9: Will Norman make it out of 'The Box' alive?

Freddie Highmore (L) and and actress Vera Farmiga star in "Bates Motel"
Freddie Highmore (L) and and actress Vera Farmiga star in "Bates Motel"
Photo by Ethan Miller

"Bates Motel" is starting to get really good and season 2, episode 9, which will air Monday night looks like it will be an intense episode. Titled "The Box," it will feature a kidnapping and fans have to wonder if Norman will get out alive. On April 25, International Business Times posted some spoilers for the upcoming episode.

The title "The Box" accurately describes what is going to happen in the episode. As fans know, Norman was kidnapped, but the identity of the man who took him is unknown. Promotional photographs for "Bates Motel" season 2, episode 9 show Norman stuck somewhere, perhaps a crawlspace under a house. His hands are bound with duct tape and things don't look so good for him.

At some point, Norman's appearance changes while he is in "The Box." The first few photos show him looking clean, calm and probably trying to figure out how to escape. However, a later photograph shows the character with blood at the corner of his mouth. His hair is wet, his eyes are red and he has dirt on his face. His altered appearance could be from him trying to escape. Moving around in a tiny crawlspace with hands that are bound isn't an easy task. Or perhaps someone roughs him up, as IBT speculated.

A preview that aired on A&E showed Norman desperately calling out for help, using all of the strength in his vocal cords. Who kidnapped Norman Bates and why? Do they intend on getting information out of him? Do they want him to confess? Is he not the only "Psycho" in town? There is speculation that Nick Ford is Norman's abductor and what will happen when he finds Miss Watson's necklace and the newspaper clipping in his pocket?

His mom, Norma Bates, has always been protective of her son and she has been really worried about him lately. This is going to put her in a panic and she will do anything to get her little boy back. A photo shows her darting across the street with cars approaching.

In a sneak peek of "Bates Motel," Norman tells Dylan that something has to end and that he knows what he has to do. Could she be talking about Dylan rescuing Norman or is she referring to Dylan's "business?" He already has some tough decisions to make. On the last episode Nick Ford told him to kill Zane and Jody said for him to do whatever he has to to fix the situation.

"Bates Motel" season 2, episode 9 will air on A&E on April 28. What do you think is going to happen on "The Box?" Who kidnapped Norman and why? Will he get out alive or perhaps this event will change Norman and turn him into an even darker character?

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