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Bassam Fattouh Groundbreaking Cosmetics Line

Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics is really unique in so many ways. This isn’t because Bassam Fattouh is behind it. Bassam Fattouh is a renowned celebrity makeup artist and international makeup artist that works with famous stars, high-profile women and royalty in the Middle East, Lebanon and beyond.

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Bassam Fattouh / Beautypress Media Photo
The revolutionary line from Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics
(c) Bassam Fattouh / Beautypress Media Photo

A look at the products featured in the press release:

Bassam Fattouh LIPSTICK 3.5 gr price 31USD
Kiss the luxurious feel of satin and the brilliance of pure colour. The Lipstick comes in 5 sensational shades so you can choose the ideal lipstick for your lifestyle and mood. Experience beautiful lips without feathering. This revolutionary Lipstick gives you the matte, semi-matte or ultra-shine look with an intense velvety feel.

Bassam Fattouh BLUSH 5 gr 43USD
Experience rich, natural brilliance and a rapid glow. This shimmery and creamy blush kisses your cheeks with intense radiance and a luxurious finish. This smudge-free blush easily glides on and seamlessly blends in for ultimate coverage.

Bassam Fattouh EYEBROW PENCIL 0.09gr 29USD
One of a kind, this innovative double-ended Eyebrow Pencil enhances the natural allure of your eyes. Shape, shade and fill-in your eyebrows with ultra smooth high definition ease while colouring in those hard-to-reach gaps. With Eyebrow Pencil you can experience superior blending, perfect precision and natural shading.

Bassam Fattouh CREAM EYELINER 1.8ml 33USD
An innovative long lasting eyeliner with a built-in brush that gives you the precision of an expert. Revel in the ultra-shiny finish, creamy texture, consistent colour, and quick dry formula. Draw flawless lines and create a fabulous look with ease. Vitamin E and jojoba oil make Eyeliner Cream super light and a pleasure to glide on

Bassam Fattouh FORK LINER 0.070ml 32USD
Get show-stopping eyes and create edgy impact. Accentuate your allure with this revolutionary Fork Liner which looks like a pen and works like a marker. The three points on the felt-tip applicator let you precisely and perfectly trace the edge of your lash line, giving your lashes a thicker, more voluminous look with one simple, fast stroke.

The mystical charm and sensual intensity of the orient is here. Oriental Lashes has a highly versatile, long lasting formula that gives an outstanding lengthening effect and creamy, luxurious feel. The bristle brush adds length, thickness and definition to each lash individually, separating them for that butterfly effect without clumping or smearing.

Bassam Fattouh KISS KOUSS
Embrace serious passion with Bassam Fattouh’s Kiss Kouss, a revolutionary liquid lip gloss with a brilliant shine. The rolling applicator ensures effortless and perfect coverage. Great on its own or as a dazzling touch over a classic matte lipstick, Kiss Kouss is available in three glistening shades that flatter all skin tones. Prepare to spread the love with deliciously kissable lips this Valentine's. “Depending on the look your going for, Kiss Kouss is ideal alone on your natural lip colour or dabbed over the matte lipstick of your choice to give it an instant boost of shine” - Bassam Fattouh

This revolutionary creamy liquid foundation gives the smooth coverage of a compact powder. Glow radiantly with an even and natural complexion and experience a lavish velvety semi-matte finish and visibly flawless skin. Prêt-à-Porter Foundation offers medium to high coverage that's perfect for all skin tones and types.

Bassam Fattouh LOOSE FIX POWDER 46EU
Light, transparent and alluring, Loose Fix Powder adds a great natural matt touch to your skin. This powder is ideal over foundation or alone over moisturizer. A must-have final step that consists of ultra-fine milled powder with outstanding blending properties and featherweight sheer texture. Experience a luxurious matte finish and long-lasting make-up while keeping your skin moisturized.

Relish beautiful precision and bold color with no feathering. This lipliner pencil is the perfect complement to any lipstick or gloss. Designed for superior accuracy, you can effortlessly contour, fill-in or accentuate the beauty of your lips.

Bassam Fattouh LIP TINT 26EU
Naturally charming, this quick drying, semi-transparent water-based gel has a light and fresh texture. It erases pigmentation, giving your lips a well-defined contour and long lasting cherry color. Lip Tint is a highly resilient water-proof gel that won’t fade or transfer. The easy to use, precision applicator puts you in total control and even lets you adjust the intensity of the color. Lip Tint is the cherry on top. Great on its own or as a base under lipstick for a long lasting effect.

Bassam Fattouh LIPSTICK 23EU
Kiss the luxurious feel of satin and the brilliance of pure color. Experience beautiful lips without feathering. This revolutionary Lipstick gives you a look with an intense velvety feel. In one simple stroke, you can play up your lips with a long lasting, glamorous finish. Nourish your lips with this lightweight Lipstick loaded with vitamin E, hydrating elements and a built in balm rich in sweet almond oil extracts to seal moisture and prolong true color.

Bassam Fattouh BACKLIGHTING 45EU
An iconic innovation by BFC, this versatile emulsion dazzles on its own or glows under your foundation. Glimmer with moonlit glamour all day and night with a special formula bursting with anti-aging ingredients. Shine with a smooth finish that leaves no creasing or imperfections.

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